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Long Story Short

RedBlue was born from the roots of hacker culture and birthed in a back-channel chat room. The brainchild of Marcelo Mansur, RedBlue vaulted from helping friends land their dream job,  to a young and flourishing business dedicated to growing the security community.

Originating in London, RedBlue has expanded to include offices in Austin, Texas and Cape Town, South Africa. RedBlue now prides itself in providing services to some of the most elite  cybersecurity companies and respected defense contractors.

Through our growth RedBlue values staying true to our roots and remaining part of the security community. We’re not a recruiting firm that specializes in cyber, but hackers recruiting and representing the best of us.


We combine the expertise of former hackers, military contractors, and intelligence community - by joining forces we've pooled our unique skill-sets to provide the best service the industry can offer.

Our Services

The security community has a desperate need for the type of talent that doesn’t like to be found. That’s where we step in.

Cybersecurity Recruitment

Our team excels in assembling complete, high-performance security teams tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs and objectives.

Executive Search

We specialize in partnering with CISOs to seamlessly transition them into roles that align with their expertise, career goals, and leadership vision.

Promotional Services

Elevate your brand’s reach and impact with our targeted promotional opportunities on our industry-leading cybersecurity podcast.

 Current Positions

RedBlue takes a great deal of pride in the companies that we partner with. We seek to work with the best in the industry – and while we keep our clientele private, we can proudly say they are the elite!

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